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Here at Healthy Smiles Dental, we’re ready to cater to all of your family’s dental needs. Our caring staff practices comfortable, health-centered dentistry with a strong emphasis on getting to know each patient. We are careful listeners & will explain beforehand what treatment is best for your individual needs.

From routine checkups to cosmetic & restorative care, Healthy Smiles Dental is your neighborhood
headquarters for all things dental. We look forward to showing you how regular dentistry can improve
your life.

Family Dentistry

Healthy Smiles Dental offers dentistry for the entire family. We understand that adults & children have different needs & we address them all. Adults want the best technology, the most informed doctors & the highest quality of care, while kids want to be comfortable & respected. That’s why Dr. Schwitzer has extensive experience working with both adults & children. We can make your dental experience more enjoyable for everyone.

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Preventive Dentistry

This includes our regular dental hygiene visits, sealants, mouthguards & patient/parent education. We place a high emphasis on sealants, which are effective in preventing tooth decay on the biting surfaces of chewing teeth. This plastic coating, which is clear or tooth-colored, is applied to deep pits & grooves. This seals them in the areas where decay is most likely to begin. At less than half the cost of conventional fillings, without anesthetics or drilling, sealants are one of the most important preventive services we offer.

Sealants & Fluoride Treatments

Tooth decay, otherwise known as cavities, can be a significant problem for children as well as adults. There are numerous factors that lead to tooth decay & there are ways to prevent it. With the use of sealants, we can cover the deep grooves in your back teeth & extend their life while helping the prevention of cavities.

Smile Makeovers & Rejuvenation

Do you have old or broken teeth that are decreasing the confidence in your smile? Come in for a free consultation & see how our doctors can help you regain your confidence. With a complete smile makeover, we can easily replace missing or broken teeth, correct discoloration or simply give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Teeth Whitening

Now you can have significantly whiter teeth in a matter of a few days using advanced teeth whitening techniques. Both comfortable & affordable, our teeth whitening procedure involves wearing a specially crafted tray for a few hours in order to achieve a surprising difference in your smile!

Invisalign® Clear Orthdontics

Invisible aligners are the revolutionary way to help you get even, straight teeth without noticeable, painful metal braces. Virtually undetectable, invisible aligners are made of strong, clear plastic that gradually guides your teeth into perfect alignment. Unlike metal braces, they have no wires or brackets. Tooth impressions are taken, from which customized aligners are made that will slide directly over your teeth. Aligners are typically worn full-time (except when eating or drinking) for 12 to 48 months—no longer than you would wear traditional metal braces. We proudly feature Invisalign® brand aligners.

Dental & Restorative Implants

Dental implants are essentially permanent, attached teeth that replace partials, bridges or dentures. A titanium implant is permanently attached to your bone & a prosthetic tooth (crown) is attached to the implant. Implants are preferred to bridges because they can improve your bite without damaging neighboring teeth (like a bridge). Treatment can be finished in three to five visits over the span of about four to 12 months.

TMD (Jaw Pain) Therapy

Commonly misdiagnosed or overlooked, a subtle misalignment in the temporomandibular joint can be a common, significant source of head & neck pain. If you have frequent & severe head or neck pain, you owe it to yourself to investigate our doctor’s life-changing approach to correcting these TMD problems.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

We understand your concerns regarding the use of mercury fillings. Accordingly, at our office we have elected to offer our patients the option of using new, advanced fillings (made of tooth-colored materials that contain no metals or mercury) as an alternative to traditional silver fillings.

State-of-the-Art, Antiseptic Procedures

Our sterilization procedures meet the Centers for Disease Control guidelines. We heat-sterilize all handpieces & instruments after each use. We only use ADA-approved disinfectants, disposable gloves, masks, eye protection & barrier covers at all times. Your family's safety is our top priority.

Jaw Pain Therapy
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Dental Implants

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